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When choosing IlluminArt, Inc., to stain your fence you are choosing an experienced and professional team that is dedicated to providing high-level customer service, and an attractive finish that holds up to Texas weather well. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions. Our team is here to make the process simple for you.

Illuminart, Inc.

Our Process

We use professional-grade stain and finish that is custom selected based on your specific color preference, fence wood type, and one that holds up to Texas elements well. We also help to identify and address any issues with your fence before staining, such as rot or insect damage. Before starting the project, our team will ensure that the wood is properly prepped and cleaned. We use practiced techniques and professional equipment to cover your fence evenly with stain so that the coloring looks sharp. Before we leave your property, we will carefully inspect the completed stain for any issues.

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