Landscape Lighting Installation

Exterior Lighting Design

Custom Aesthetics

We create and deliver landscape lighting designs that excite customers and bring them enjoyment. Customers give us their wishes – we bring them to light. 

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Outdoor Lighting Installation

Top Quality

Quality is built in at each step of every project. Our high-quality lighting materials and unique designs last for years. All equipment and products are commercial-grade for durability and safety.

The process

We Make It Easy

IlluminArt, Inc. meets with you when planning your project to discuss the particulars. Our staff is courteous, friendly, professional, knowledgeable, and respectful of your time. Project designs combine your preferences and objectives with our expertise on best approaches.

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Experienced technicians

The Right Touch

Our team excels in landscape illumination. Our work is performed by experienced technicians according to plan, within budget, and when promised. We value being innovative, stable, professional, and customer-oriented. IlluminArt, Inc. stands behind its service, design, and products.

Add Value to Your Home

 Improve curb appeal and entry appearance. Proper design will enhance the beauty of the architecture and landscaping around your home.

Improve Evening Safety

Properly designed and installed landscape lighting improves the safety of being outside your home in the evenings because there is a luminosity to help guide your steps.

Enhance Home Security

Exterior lighting is one of the finest forms of home security. Potential threats will think twice about attempting to intrude on well-lit properties.
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Outdoor & Landscape lighting

Maintenance Plans

Once your project is completed, we offer maintenance landscape lighting maintenance plans that are tailored to meet the specific needs of your landscape lighting system. With our custom plans, you can save time and hassle while enjoying the beauty of your completed lighting project. Let us handle the maintenance so you can relax and enjoy! If you are interested in us maintaining the landscape lighting system we installed, please contact us.

Landscape Lighting & Fencing

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